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BF Face Mask
BF Face Mask
BF Face Mask
BF Face Mask

BF Face Mask

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I really did not want to do this, but when I realized that face masks are now like panties and we cannot go out without one, I decided to do a Beverly Feldman version, satin with crystals. Besides, my BF Face Shields have been a huge success and are still available.

I do not want to get too technical, but the lining was developed by the well known textile company here in Spain, Comertex.  This special lining is what most European factories are using to manufacture face masks. It has been in developement for several months and now has a 98% efficiency in capturing bacteria. The mask is hand washable. (wash the inside) I have put on detachable silver and crystal ornaments just because

“Too Much Is Not Enough”

 of course I love this with the addition of my classic Carlo Zini earrings.


 My mask is handmade in Spain, not in China, and not in someone’s Etsy kitchen. It has a highly proven safety addition of a lining that has been analyzed in one of Europe´s top textile testing agencies, EuroFins and awarded certificates of excellence.


Pricing is all dependent on the shipping. And it costs the same to ship two as one. It is a protective glamour accessory that you can wear with confidence and security, designed by me the

Shoe Queen.