Our customers say

I got my sugar glam bag today how absolutely gorgeous can this bag be - ok so it's for best i'll carry on using my second hand one which is also just as gorgeous but being a proud owner of this baby is amazing

Beverly you star girl you are amazing xxx

This bag you are making is gonna be more than amazing aghhhh

Kate Holmes

The black rose sneakers arrived yesterday!!! Completely yummy.

The gift sandals are super!!

Thank you.

Always get compliments on beverly shoes. Total foot candy!

Hi Beverly:

Two pair in one box is fine.

I have had your sparkly ballerina flats for years. A long time ago your shoes were sold at a store in the Galleria in Scottsdale, Arizona. Neither the store nor the Galleria are still in business. While it was in business I bought at least 12 pair and have worn them almost completely out. As a tax attorney I like to wear heels to work but on the week end and when I dress casually I wear your shoes. I like the sparkle and the comfort. LOVE them. When they started to wear out, I went on the internet and found your site and am so grateful to be able to order some more of your shoes. Should have ordered the red sparkley ones as well.

Thank you,

Susan K. Smith

Yayeeee! Thank you!!!
I LOVE your work!!! I've been wearing Beverly Feldman shoes since I was in high school!!!

Again, thank you!!


Beverly! My shoes arrived today and they are fantastic!!! I love them and can't wait to wear them. And that special gift - you are amazing and so generous.

WOW! Thank you so much - I don't know how you knew how much I love BLING and silver! I can't wait to show off those beautiful sandals.



Hi Beverly,

Just got home and found that my shoes had been delivered. They fit perfectly and know I will love wearing them. Thank You Thank You!! I have at least 10 or more pairs of your shoes and always am complimented when I wear them. Thank You again, they are beautiful and thank you for making the exchange.

Mary Hill.


I love my Bijoux flats. They are just so beautiful. And I love you. Only a pure heart could design or oversee the production of such gorgeous shoes. You have a beautiful face, and a beautiful soul.

Love you, Baby Doll.


You are one of the world's most beautiful woman. Ava Gardner, if she were still here, would have to move over. What a charmed life I am leading, to have my own Feldman autograph! Thank you, O Magic One. You are magic, true magic, in my life.

And yes, the shoes were included along with the picture. LOL.

They sent the wrong type (Big Rose instead of the Bonbon with cabochons I'd ordered), but I'm keeping them! They fit so comfortably, and I'm wearing them for the next few hours.

I love you, my precious, BEAUTIFUL lady. Your looks, your gorgeous eyes, are just mesmerizing.


Hi beverly received my boots yesterday. I love them and can't wait to wear them.

l already have a few of your shoes and bags.

Love them all. Like you say affordable luxury.

Regards, Sheila

Hi Beverly!

Thank you so much. I have been a lover of shoes my whole life. Lately I've been bummed out on what is out there. You have renewed my faith and energized me! It won't be warm for much longer in Philly but I will wear these as long as possible.

My daughter June said "Oh Mommy they're perfect! Sooo spark-a-wee!"

Looking forward to the next time I can order... And the next excerpt from your diary!

Thanks again, Laura Lee


Hi Beverly,

I first found your shoes in a Boston store many years ago. Fell in love with the first pair I bought! It was a pleasure to wear them because they fit and had great attitude. They added an unexpected note to anything I wore with them.

Of course, I also enjoyed getting compliments from others. Over the years, I’ve occasionally found styles that fit and immediately snap them up. The fit can be difficult for me as I have wide feet and a high arch.Now, I’m in my 60’s so the padding on my feet is thinner which means that I appreciate a soft base in shoes.

And, yes, I’ve resorted to kitten heels. Still, the best part of your shoes is their attitude. Here’s to finding styles that we’ll all be wearing into our 90’s!

Sincerely, Jeanne


Dear Beverly,

I was very happy, that you called me today! Thank you very much. I was already in a shop, when you called me, because I couldn’t very good talk to you. You are very kind to me and I’m happy to get your nice shoes. I like them so much. The one, I sent you a picture, I bought two pieces in a shop in Zurich. But this shop doesn’t existe anymore.

One I have wear about 4 years, and than it was so used, and I have to put it in the rubbish!!! Now I have one more, but I don’t wear it often, because I like them soooo much. I wear it only for special events! If you remake that model again, I would buy three pieces!!

Thank you for all and a lot of greetings from Switzerland.



Dear Beverly,

I went online and typed in your name because I have several pairs of your ring toe sandals and love to wear them. Mine are very worn and I needed another pair.

I am glad I found you and that you are still designing the ring toe sandals. I am a doctor of educational leadership and policy studies and am happy to know all of your doctors are women.

As a previous assistant buyer in Los Angeles, California and in Honolulu, Hawaii, I very much appreciate your marketing, selling, and shipping process. Thank you for designing such a great shoe and for the personal touch. Your shoes are wonderful!

Best regards, Dr. Pamela A. McKinney


Hi beverly ,

you are my favorite shoe designer when you were in russell & bromley i had every one of your shoes , i searched you on line. One of the pairs is for me and one for my mum. Look forward to hear from you, i will check the shoes you mentioned.

Regards, Lili Heron


Last year I was busy googling for lace up boots & up popped a listing for Beverly Feldman. I started looking at some of the shoes this lady had created & thought, “she is a woman after my own heart.” I then found her website & promptly bought the most gorgeous bag, followed by some intensive detective work to find the matching loafers – I got them!

This year I joined her Ambassador Program, & have watched as she has created all these gorgeous new shoes. She does heels, flats, sandals, & all are leather with gorgeous embellishments, & they are comfortable.

I purchased the Blossom & Wekame Silver sandals. Only problem it is winter here in Australia, so I have to wait to wear them. Will take them on my trip to Europe in June…

Cheers Fiona Dent