Online Purchase FAQ

This document intends to help our customers with their purchases on our online store:

  1. I’m not a Paypal member, how can I still make a purchase? You don’t need to be a Paypal member to use their systems to pay with your credit card. After clicking the button “Place Order” you’ll be sent to Paypal’s website. There, just select the option “I don’t have a Paypal account”. A form will appear and you’ll be able to put your credit card information in and finalize the purchase.
  2. All the prices are in Euros, why? Our company operates from Spain, where Ms. Feldman lives and designs. We are required to display the prices in Euros. Hover over the prices and a little tooltip will appear showing you the price in different currencies. You can also use websites like to convert from Euros to USD or any other currency.
  3. I don’t have a Euro account, I want to pay in Dollars. Don’t worry, your credit card company and your bank will make the conversion automatically for you.
  4. What is the delivery time? It depends where you live. We ship with Fedex International Economy and with this service, parcels take anywhere from 3 to 7 days to arrive to their destination.
  5. I need the shoes/handbag for a birthday/gift/specific date. Please place your order taking into account our delivery times. We will not accept returns or any responsibility if the item does not arrive in time for your required date.
  6. The shoes you sent me don’t fit, now what? Everybody is different, so it may happen that on occasions a particular size won’t exactly fit you, even though you’ve always used the same size. We understand this fact of life and will allow you to return the shoes you bought from us. You have a maximum of 14 days to do this. We will only accept returns of unworn items. We will not accept returns made without previously receiving our consent. Customers are responsible for the return shipping charges. Return shipping charges will not be refunded. Please contact us at the following email to receive instructions on how to send the items back to us:
  7. I don’t see shoe X on your online store and I want it bad! Sorry, but we only have what you can see on the online store right now. We will be adding shoes as they arrive, but we can’t please everyone and we don’t carry the whole range either. You can use our online store locator, to look for the closest retailer.
  8. I saw one of your styles on some other website or on Facebook and I like it very much, can I order it from you? Sorry but no, you can only order what we have available on the online store. You may see some of our shoes in the press or online, but that doesn’t mean that we’ll carry them on our online store. We can try to find out if a store in your country still has it, but we can’t make any promises or you can use our online store locator, to look for the closest retailer.
  9. Do you make shoes in sizes over 11 US (41 1/2 or 42 European)? Our sizes (if available) range from size 5 to size 10 (35 to 42 European)
  10. Can you make wider shoes?, M doesn’t fit me. No, we are a small company with a very limited distribution, the cost of making different widths for each style would be too high.
  11. I have a problem making a purchase online, some things don’t work correctly: Our site has been tested with the latest versions of the most important browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). The site as also been tested and works on Safari for iOS devices (with some obvious restrictions due to screen sizes). For this site to work as expected, you need to activate or allow JavaScript to run on your browser (see your browser’s security settings to allow JavaScript). You also need to allow cookies for some parts of the site (see your browser’s security settings to allow cookies). Also check that you are using the latest version of your browser. In most of the cases, updating your browser will fix the problems.
  12. I still have a problem making a purchase online and I want someone to help me. Please email us at we will answer you ASAP. Customer service hours of operation are from 9AM to 7PM GMT+1 from Monday to Thursday, and from 9AM to 2PM GMT+1 on Fridays. Please contact us only at this email address, any inquiries sent to different addresses available on the site will not be answered.