Baby Blue pashmina cashmere with matching lace

$ 350.00

My Trip To India

As we all know India is the original country of exotica. I am now making some of my shoes there because of the incredible handwork, embroidery and beading that I cannot find anywhere else in the world. In my last visit, I discovered these amazing Shawls, made from the finest pashmina cashmere trimmed with dyed to matched lace. You can wear them many ways, and they are beautifully feminine and light as a feather. I have started with 3 colors Baby Blue which is great for blondes and us silver babes, Shades of Grey, also for us silver babes and brunettes, and the wonderful Gold which coordinates with almost all colors. My passion is designing and why put limitations? That is why I decided to add new categories in addition to my shoes and handbags. As I travel the world I am selecting accessories that is #mystyle and that is also #yourstyle. Enjoy!

Baby Blue pashmina cashmere with matching lace,

Perfect for any time of day or night. Measures 36”x 82” (92cm x 214 cm)


Shawls Made in India

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