Chapter 32
My Three-Day Pedicure

I have been getting manicures and pedicures at my home with the same beautiful person for almost 30 years. When I first met her she was 17. Now she has been married, divorced and is a single mom, supporting herself with manicures at the homes of her clients. A true luxury, and one of the nice things of living in Spain, having beauty treatments at home.

In 30 years a lot of things have changed and have improved, even manis&pedis. Some genius, and I think it had to be a man, invented gel manicures. I would like to think it was a woman that invented it but I have to really think it was some fantastic woman married to a scientist. She just nagged him until he achieved this great accomplishment. As a reward, she then gave him a long wished for blow job, that we all know, we as wives or former wives, don’t give out easily. (Are you laughing yet?)

Wiki doesn’t acknowledge the inventor… Needless to say if you are not getting gel manis& pedis you have no idea what you are missing. I started again with nail extensions because of my new career as a youtube Diva. It was something I had always done before at HSN (Home Shopping Network).

When I had them removed for a rest, unfortunately she removed a lot of my real nail at the same time. And this was at a salon, not with my in house sweetie. Maria does not do gel or extensions. I called my plan B friend, Begonia and asked if she did gel. Yes, and I made an appointment immediately.

I loved it, first time ever I had a natural manicure that did not chip after an hour, and my feet were just stunning.

I also decided that I would have my feet done by a professional foot doctor, Miss Gemma, also part time local Salsa Diva, and Beverly Feldman shoe fan.




So I was changing some very big things in my life. Sure you can all relate. This is almost as massive as changing hairdressers! This is a very long introduction for a short story.

  1. Thursday I went to see Begonia to have the gel removed.
  2. Friday I had to see Gemma to have my feet professionally done in her foot clinic.
  3. Saturday back to Begonia to have the gel color put on and sealed.

So do I think this is a bit excessive? Yes, because each trip to each technician was a half hour ride into town and then another half hour back, plus parking fees. But in this transition of new beauty techniques for my life, I also started to park in a new parking lot. Just like everything in my life, I used to go to the same little private parking lot and usually scratched the sides of my car, trying to get in or out the space. Every space was protected with cement soldier columns, working for garages that did the paint jobs. So many scratches every year, that my insurance company finally dropped me. You know insurance companies only keep you if you make no claims.

So this is all revolutionary for me. I changed life long habits and my big point is that you can also. I don’t know who said “Change is Good” but it is.

FullSizeRender 2


I haven’t changed my favorite shoe ornament though! That blingy thing that you have been seeing on my pumps, are now on slides, and sandals. It is officially my signature ornament. It sings Beverly Feldman, very loud. Actually it won first prize in the European Ornament Competition of who can sing the loudest for the least amount of Moola.


My new collection of spring summer just arrived. I know other companies are now showing Prefall, but if that isn’t insanity, I don’t know what is? The sun just came out and the big boys are tooting fall? Like I want to just skip the entire summer and go back into depressing winter that I finally crawled out of. Loco.

IMG_5096 copia


I absolutely love my new shoes and am so thrilled I made them all in my size, and after all these years, there is one thing I will NOT change,  “Too Much Is Not Enough.”