Chapter 31
On turning 70!

It’s just a Wow Moment. Hard to believe for sure, but it is going to happen. And here is my update in the life of an obsessed shoe and handbag designer, turning 70.

I feel my brain, that little girl inside your head, that talks constantly, never ages. It is just the outside shell that starts to drop, wrinkle and slows down. Of course our bones also go. It starts to hurt where it never did. The doctors all say it is arthritis, which means ha ha, you are getting old and there is nothing you can do. Of course I am a big believer in pills, pills for pain and the continued use of pills for my brain that will keep my little girl from obsessing to a minimum.

Yes I am still designing even though I lost my main factories and all my distributors. But I dived into the social media ocean and honestly I love it. I am sure I am not the only person who sleeps with her i-pad next to the bed, charging.

The last thing I do at night is to look at all my posts, comments and additional followers. And 7 hours later I repeat the whole process, as soon as I wake up. My virtual girlfriends are my followers, replacing the actual girlfriends that I had for 7 decades that I never hear from.

With the decades passing so fast for all of us, the bonus is it has brought cosmetic procedures to a new level. That is why my generation does not look our grandmothers. Look at my face below, my fushia spots from various laser treatments. With enough visits to the right doctors, we can create a new face, or at least preserve the one we already have. I use protection 50 daily on hands and face. I always have the sun spots that do break the barrier removed every year.


FullSizeRender 2

Earing and necklace by Carlo Zini


I learned years ago, true beauty is a spotless face. That is why Asian women when they are beautiful they are super beautiful as they have flawless skin. I do not do it with creams, but with highly efficient doctors like Dra. Martinez and Dra. Navarro at the Centro Dermatológico Estético.

I coordinated my makeup and outfit today to go with my spots; give me lemons and I make lemonade.

My life is a world of maintenance. Once a month Roccio from Sephora does my eyebrows, I am swimming laps at the local public pool, until it is warm enough to swim in my own Olympic sized monster swimming pool in my garden. This pool was left to me by my ex husband as a reminder of our life together in the 80´s when we lived in hugeness and opulence. At 50 when he left, (thank you god for that) I decided to finally learn how to swim perfectly. Forget that it took me more than 4 years with a private trainer, but I finally got it and have been swimming for the last 20 years. I swim topless, as it is part of my summertime sun tanning ritual. Tan lines are just not fashion appropriate in my life. It is basically the only time I spend in the sun, when I am swimming for those 45 minutes.

I am still doing the Mediterranean diet. I started last May, so now it is 10 months and 22 pounds down. Everything fits! Two words that taste better than anything I can eat. I have altered, given away, or stored most of my wardrobe. Dieting my entire f**king life! It is a big reward that I finally found a way of eating that I can live with, in those golden years when it is really ok to finally be fat, because everyone else is.

My six-month ordeal with my hip operation seems to be almost over. The operation and recuperation seems far worse than the actual pain that I had before the operation. I swear after every operation, it will be my last. Then suddenly I became obsessed with my neck. Loosing the weight, I was seeing a turkey in every photo. I felt that after a painful journey of 30 years of cosmetic surgery, I was not going to finish the race with a turkey hanging under my chin. Cut and stitch, and forget those expense threads.




My nails are perfect! Finally. Also a big thank you to whoever invented gel manicures! No chipping and permanent shine.


FullSizeRender 7 copia



My ability to design has not decreased and in honor of my 70th birthday I am releasing one of greatest designs ever, Panties for your Tootsies. Created for all of us who are searching for glamour and comfort for our shoes and for our lives. I am more than a shoe designer, I am a woman who wears my own designs and knows what is a great shoe when I am in it. So it is a very Happy Birthday for all of us with the introduction of Panties for your Tootsies. Use code: happy in my website on the 20th March for my present to you.


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And Happy Birthday to me!