Chapter 28
I am a Two Shoe Company

This is what I have designed so far for the season. I continue to believe in the Sirena as a fabulous item. Everyone that has bought has sent back raves. My own personal pair I got in September and have not stopped wearing them. Just because they are so comfortable. Modern, Unique, Glam, Comfortable all the essentials for a Beverly Feldman Shoe. Getting shoes made today is getting more and more difficult. The first requirement is to find an honest factory that will make good quality shoes. Second is to find a factory that will work with small quantities. Being only on the web, I need manufactures that will make to order, and not give me huge minimums as I have had in the past. This is why I decided to make only upon orders. Delivery takes a bit longer but I can custom design. You can even design your own combinations.




The sirena comes in 9 colors, the bronze and the blue green have been the strongest but I think the white and crème will take over as spring comes closer.


BLING THING gold side

My second new shoe is the Bling Thing. I love this as it is truly a reflection of what I believe in, Casual with Glam.

Daytime Bling. This is for all of you have lived your lives thinking “Too Much Is Not Enough.” Mules are so in, but I actually designed this in November and 60 days later I get the finished sample. That is how long it takes in my world .


Style BLING THING multi


Now my factory has been closed for a month of holidays, Chinese New Year. I have done the new collection, and it is more than two shoes, but for sure we won’t see anything until end of March. The upcoming sandals I am in love with.

Shoes are my passion and life, and going through five decades of designing, but now I only wear flats and if I find a comfortable shoe, like the Sirena, that’s all I wear. Sad for all the other girls in my shoe closet, but that is the way it is. Comfort is number one for me. Easy is also on the list, shoes you can just slip into, no straps or buckles. Easy on easy off.

Too much is not enough.