Chapter 26
Let’s talk about shoes, made in Spain.

I came to Spain to be shoe designer in 1972. It was still a fascist country, if you smoked a joint you could be arrested and going topless on the beach was definitively an arrest. General Franco died and everything changed, and shoes being made in Spain became the hot thing. We were always less expensive than shoes made in Italy. I started the same time as Stuart Weitzman and we became two of the most famous brands made in Spain.




Stuart worked all the time, I took the other road and discovered Ibiza and spent all my summers there, Opening various shops there and in Barcelona where you could buy my shoes made in Spain. The longer I stayed here, the more artistic my shoes became. I thought of myself more as an artist than a shoe designer. At that time some of the very best shoes were being made in Spain, I bought an old Spanish country home and decided it would be a wonderful place to grow old and always be able to make shoes.


My Studio in Spain, where my ideas come to life.

I have had a very long career of shoe making in Spain and have gone from sexy high heels in my younger days, to my current styles of comfort shoes and ballerinas still made in Spain.


Queen of the 80s.


Typical artwork from Spain.


Although I design in other countries I still believe some of my best shoes are made in Spain. The trend now is comfort shoes and Spain once again makes some of the very best comfort shoes in Europe.


Fruity from the 80’s.

Spain, famous forever for shoes, wine, sunshine…and Beverly Feldman.



Come and shop! Too much is not enough.