Chapter 23
The Best advertising is done by my Clients

I got the first pair of Sirena for myself, as always. Wore tested it and really could not take it off, I just thought it was the most comfortable shoe ever. I loved the fact that the sequins reversed in color when you walk. In the black/ silver combo it’s a very camouflage effect.




Then Cathy Forand recently posted her collection of shoes and boxes, as she wanted me to know that she had more than 30 pairs. She then purchased my new style Sirena and in two colors!




Yeah Cathy! She posted this absolutely stunning photo on all of her social media. The shoes color coordinate perfectly with her living room.

The very, very first pair sold was to stunning Denise Taylor who so kindly sent me her own ad her first night out. Denise is a former model, so does that make her a belated “influencer”? I mean models/bloggers are the know it all’s in today fashion world, or at lease the media has made them so. This phenomenon is similar to the media making Trump a potential presidential candidate.

Models have become more influential than designers today. And as you can see, anyone can be a shoe designer, rappers, bloggers, actresses, athletes, probably the local school janitor has some hidden shoe designing talent….

Denise is a stunning, chic, successful, entrepreneur and still going strong as a Boomer Beauty. My kind of Lady.




By the way, it took five months to develop this one concept. In Spain, everything closes in August and then it takes forever anyway, but considering I created it in July and started to market it in October, I cannot complain. But I am Jewish, so that gives me the inherent right to complain about everything. So in mind it took forever. I started marketing on Instagram and Facebook, because to get the shoes up and running on my website, it would be another five weeks. I cannot wait. I am going to be 70, and who knows when it will be my last shoe?




And from Dr. Victoria Monteagudo Martinez, who is on her feet all day long, making women more beautiful and younger , the perfect working women’s shoe, Sirena in bronze.




Finally this smashing photo was taken by Peggy Desmons, my amazing graphic designer, who has convinced me to pay her in shoes instead of $$$$.

Well, having 4 children, I convinced her. The shoes she can enjoy everyday, and the cash will just disappear into football classes, and whatever 3 unicorn boys do in their spare time.




And here is Luna her little girl I am just waiting to shoe addict as soon as possible.

I never believed in celebrity dressing, and believe less in influencer gifting. I believe in selling the product to real women who are so proud to have my designs they post on social media for me, and thus influence other real women, their friends.

Too Much Is Not Enough.