Chapter 21
Urban Legends and Loosing Weight on the Mediterranean Diet

I was taking a break one morning, from what I don’t know, maybe myself? I got into my red Mini and drove a half-mile down the road to Rokada, our local decorating outlet store, French I may add. There was the owner, looking unusually thin, so I carefully asked if he was ok? He said he was great, but I said you have lost so much weight…

And the Urban Legend began. He had a customer, an English woman who was really fat, and then she lost all this weight. She has a son who was also really fat and he also lost all this weight. We are talking about 80 kilos each that is about 176 pounds each. So this was like I was listening to a live info commercial for a half hour. David himself lost 10 (22.2 pounds) kilos, and he was not fat. It was all thru this nutritionist practicing in Alicante, Jose F. Amores Gonzalez. It fascinated me, being a career dieter, that there was someone so close that could accomplish major weight loss.

I have this philosophy that in our life´s journey we meet certain people that act as policemen, giving us directions on what road to travel. I saw David in a policeman’s uniform telling me something important and without a gun pointed at my head. I took the Jose´s name and information. I felt go for it, why not?

I called my friend Maria, my newest “lets get into trouble” best girlfriend and convinced her it could be one of our weekly adventures. So what you won’t hear in the video is that I felt, this is something I can do. I can change my body weight. There seemed to be nothing else in my life that I could change. As a matter of fact my life and world as it had been, had made a 360 degree reverse flying flip, and the only advice I was given was to adapt???? I was not the adapting type. Adapting is to settle. I am rather the Warrior Queen type, of “Never Give Up”!

And that is why I am Blogging, Vlogging, Facebooking, Pinteresting, Tweeting, Instagraming, Designing and most important still Dieting!

No animals were hurt in making this video and Brunehilde the Chicken sleeps in the house. And I have lost more weight since making the video. Yeah! ¨Too much is not enough.”

Filmed at Finca Belon, Beverly Feldman’s home in Spain.

Diet by José F. Amorós González Nutritionist
C/ Polux, 24 La Florida Alicante – SPAIN 670 766 635