Chapter 20
Olympic Dieting…Gold Medal for Me.

OMG! I just got bumped up on Vueling airlines! That is the trashy sister of Iberia airlines. It feels great because it means after 50 years of flying, I have not lost my ability of being upgraded, even on a discount airline. Great way to start off my 48 hour trip to Ibiza. My favorite place. Not so favorite in the middle of August, but it’s a big occasion, VIP birthday party for my friend Mucki. She is an amazing women, hotelier, contractor, entrepreneur, visionary, and a survivor. Please let me also add a Beverly Feldman fan.

I am taking 23 kilos for two days. The last time, I was in Ibiza just a few weeks ago; Toni, my shopping enabler, found me the equivalent of a lost Valentino gown, in some small funky boutique. I rescued the dress, as it did not belong there and we both said it would be perfect for The Party. But since then, I have lost more weight, and was giving my party outfit second thought.

Way back in the dark end of my closet, in the skinny section, there is a black satin stretch, tube sheath that I bought in Bali. I only wore her once in Bali for a club opening. Yes I was the oldest one there, and it was 10 years, ago, but I have to tell you, I brought a little Hollywood with me that night. Kids wanting to be photographed with me before selfies, the old fashioned way.. Who actually took the first selfie? Is their a selfie museum?

I had two dress choices for this event, maybe I could change halfway thru? I packed all my accessories, and thought the final decison would be made with my girlfriend Gundi, because in the end, it is always what our girlfriends decide. Why I packed the large electric curling wand, I will never know, as the event was at Tanit, one of Mucki’s beach clubs. I mean nothing can take the frizz out of your hair on this island, so why even bother?

I am sure it will be the Bali skinny, only because I look so thin, (like that makes a real big diference) but you do know in a professional dieters world having one of those thin nights is the equivalent of winning the Gold. Great for that one moment, maybe even the morning after, and when exactly can you see that thinness again? You will never know.

What is the worlds record for staying thin? I guess when I die, it will be permanent, God I hope so, I would hate to be looking for extra large angel wings.


Bury me in my Prada pants please, that I have been dieting into for the last 12 years, and have worn 3 time.

And shoes? I brought two pairs of Liz , an extra pair because who knows when a stone could fall off, and should I wear silver or clear? I want to make that decision when I decide on which dress. And there is such a massive difference between the two. ( Just being sarcastic, like you know who.)

Style LIZ

Then I brought a pair of See Me which is my medium heel, most comfortable ever, sandal, for everything.  We all know and are taught from kindergarten on, if we wear high heels we will look thinner. But after 65, if you wear anything higher than a ballerina you will look thinner. So a mid heel is perfect. The thing is the older we get, the lower our heels should be, unless you are getting early dementia and start forgetting that high heels are ridiculously uncomfortable, no matter what new foot doctor has decided she should be a shoe designer.

My bag is the Lulu in Leopard pony.

Nobody bought it online so I took it for myself. Lucky me. It is so soft. It is like having a little  kitten crossing over your body, but no claws. With my leopard silk Dolce &Gabanna  stole, my 4th one as I have lost 3 travelling. It was a problem until my therapist told me to stop travelling with scarves. I stopped travelling all together, I thought that was easier. Stoles, ladies are fab to cover our flying batwings that seem to attach themselves to our upper arms, when we are not looking.


The actual party was amazing, the two high points were when the guitar players sounded just like the Gipsy Kings. I commented that they sounded great and were they well known on the island? There are a lot of amazing guitarists and a lot of gypsies in Ibiza. My friend said yes they are on the radio a lot, thinking on the Ibiza Radio, which has many stations. But she meant, they are the real Gipsy Kings, the Kings themselves. I was astonnished  and dragged them off stage, for a photo, just to prove how cool I really am…!

The Gipsy Kings
Surrounded by the Gispsy Kings…

Second highlight, was when Christian presented his mother, Mucki, her birthday present at 2 am. It was at least 10ft. long,  wrapped in red paper, which took 10 minutes to unwrap. It was an incredible mural of their coastal home in Costa Rica with an overwrite of Pura Vida. It was done with 8000 photos of Mucki, her son Christian, and his family, and their lives over the years, in postage size photos. It was a testimonial of love as great as the Taj Mahal, as Christian made it himself. Like he has nothing else to do with his time, being the director their ever expanding Ibiza empire.


It made me feel sad that no one loved me that much to do anything that grand, but very happy for my friend Mucki, who did not get to the top in the fast track lane. There were no fast track lanes when she began her incredible journey.

But I knew if Elvis had the means and the way, for sure he would do something equally magnificent for his Mom.

Love is in the air, and in your dogs eyes.

Meanwhile I wore the black skinny Bali dress with my clear vinyl Liz, much more hip, evening dress with flat confort sandals.

Too much is not enough.