Chapter 19
Bad boy make up.

I was writing and now will be videoblogging to Entertain you, Enlighten you and to Enhance both of our days a bit more. My life is a combination of a feminine woman trapped in a macho industry, in a foreign country, and the constant battles I have to win to survive.

Also being totally obsessed about everything, I can share what that kind of mind is like from having hundreds of lipsticks to multiple families of poodles. My love of shoes and my enormous ability to create them for over four decades also makes me just a bit more special, at least in poodles minds.

Thank you for stopping and watching my video. It is all about my philosophy to make the “invisible women of my generation, more visible. By using either a little makeup or a lot, but always using some great Beverly Feldman accessories that attract attention, and make you feel special about yourself. My unique designs are only available on my website

My lifestyle channel will continue to grow with amusing insights of what it is like to be an obsessed shoe and handbag designer living and working in the Mediterranean.