Chapter 18
Senior Sexting, do it in the comfort of your Sneakers.

I am going to tell you a secret: I am really too old for high heels, but not too old for some good sex.

I went to the largest hippest European fashion website, Louisa via Roma, they had 1758 shoe styles and I swear 50% were sneakers. So what does that tell you? Sex has changed and it is not any longer about Fuck Me Pumps. Someone 30 probably doesn’t even know what they are? Or maybe they do, who knows? I think a lot more girls are having sex in sneakers than in high heels. Some one should do a survey.




My point is that it is all done with sexting today, or so I have to imagine. So why can’t we, the leaders of the world and strongest generation to ever be, do it also?

Senior Sexting. Hot Stuff, and so Easy. And really that is what men want. They want to see it, read it. Go in the bathroom do whatever they do there, and go on with their day.

So have some fun, give them what the want. What is the big deal? It’s 2016. A boob shot will keep him happy and a lot easier than wearing a pair of 10 inch $700 pair of designer high heels that you can only wear from the car to the restaurant…


That is why I am doing so many great sneakers. Rock It is in 4 colors. Want to see my Rock It Multi? Click on my nipple.