Chapter 12
My Chicken Brunhilde and making Lemonade on the farm.

I have a pet chicken. Her name is Brunhilde . She and my 8 dogs make up my new family. No one gets Social Security or health insurance but I take very good care of them. I give abundant food and shelter, and lots of petting even for Brunhilde.

I closed my office a year ago, and let my previous “family” of employees go. I have been flying solo since, lessons from Brunhilde. I also stopped flying around the world, which I am very grateful for. I was going 4 times a year for 25 years. No, I do not miss that or anything associated with that. I had friends in every city I went to except where I lived in Spain. Now I have friends here, which is very welcoming since I have been in out of Spain for four decades.

In my new life, I did have to find the local post office, take a ticket and wait in line, which was rather traumatic the first few times. When you have no staff, either you do it yourself, or it just does not get done.

I have narrowed my business down to my website and a small popup store in town, both of which I can have personal relationships with the end client, you, the lovely person who is reading this. Instead of dealing with distributors, salesmen, and retailers, all of which I found rather abusive and don’t miss. It’s working because I am making it work and my new saying is when you have lemons make lemonade.

In fact when I bought my house in Spain it had a lot of lemon trees, which were cut down to make an amazing olympic swimming pool. If I had known the cost of maintaining that pool for 35 years, I think I would have kept the lemon trees and just started making lemonade sooner.


Finca Belón

I enjoy making things in general, not necessarily shoes, which 45 years later in Spain they still have problems getting them right, but as someone told me just last night, in manufacturing anything, there are always problems. Look at the various car manufacturers that have made those multi million dollar recalls. Car manufacturing is all automated. Shoe making is still a handmade process, and that is so very complicated. I am venturing out with other projects, that I think will be more fun and less complicated.

I am developing a new collection of handbags, and coming up very soon is headbands inspired by my unused shoe ornaments. Very exciting. I can make them without relying on 100 other people, and I don’t need 8 sizes. I am introducing a wonderful collection of my favorite Italian jewelry designer, Carlo Zini, pieces that he has made just for my website. It is all I have been wearing for years.

It is about doing the best you can with what you have. Back to the lemonade. As the girl in the makeup tutorial said, eyebrows are not twins but sisters! I just love that. And like eyebrows are the new focal point on our faces (moving away from lips), fashion is forever changing. I am still doing Glam Comfort, as that is what I believe in for any women that did the high heel thing. I did it before I got married, and immediately after I got divorced. Now its “take me as I am”, and “I am going to wear what I want”. Being someone’s fantasy is finished.

I have sciatica, which I never even heard of. I can not bend down, or even think about opening my legs. There goes 30 years of flexibility. I wonder if I can get refunds from all the gyms that I joined…

Can someone send me a list of what else is on the menu of getting into that senior citizen VIP club? Each new development is a surprise to me. Tinnitus, tendinitis, arthritis, all ends in “is” or “us” because guess what? All of “us” “is” going to get them.



That is why being comfortable in my own shoes is so important to me. And it is something I can control.

Style SWIFT was the hit of the season. And a new reorder just came in. She has a nice 3.5 wedge that even I enjoy wearing. Of course because I am taller, I automatically feel thinner! That feeling never leaves you, as I will never leave you.