Cuff Teahouse

$ 552.00

Inspired by a vintage Chinese drawing, this extraordinary cuff bracelet  is a true statement of the incredible workmanship that can still be done today by such an established  jewelry firm as CinerNYC. A wonderful combination of matte black enamel with old gold metal appliqués highlighted with crystal velvet  rhinestones.  The detailing in the design is beyond perfection. Made in New York City.  Be your own stylist and have fun, creating your own individual look with an incredible one of a kind bracelet.


A Ciner/ Beverly Feldman exclusive web design

Cuff Teahouse

• Pewter
• 18K Gold Plating
• Crystal Velvet Rhinestones
   Hand painted  matte enameling 


Design Details
• 2” 3/8 Length

• 2" Width

   1” 1/2 Height 

Made In New York City

Each piece is custom made.  Delivery 3 to 4 weeks.

Shipping and packaging not included in the price.

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