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All patent leather but so soft,  that it will mold to your foot because it is thin and the stretch lining will give inside movement.

The sophisticated handmade grograin bow with rhinestone trim, only adds more class with the contrast of textures. The almost 3 inch flexible rubber wedge with track sole, is not only comfortable, but makes you feel 20 years younger. And if you are 20 years younger, this is the perfect business shoe to make you feel older.

Lined with a soft leopard micro tech fabric to make it even more delicious. Detailed with all the fantasy that the Queen is so known for. Made in Spain where the sun always shines, and the wine tastes so good.

Beverly Feldman Web Exclusive

Product Info.

  • 3 inch rubber flexible wedge.
  • Cushioned footbed. With gel fore front.
  • Patent leather upper.
  • With soft micro fiber insole and lining.
  • Comfortable rocker bottom with track sole.
  • European fitting full sizes only.
  • Exceptional Fit and Comfort.
  • Made in Spain.

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