Chapter 36 Say It With Flowers


So everything is better with flowers, but of course, my first love are shoes with flowers. I have developed over my career some amazing leather flowers influenced by vintage shopping and lately by cake decorators on Pinterest. The above gorgeous cake is from

A perfect example is my new style Beauty.


My best friend in the world is the leading florist in Asia, Sebastien Lathuile,

French of course. take a look, just amazing work!



My home in Spain, Finca Belon is a paradise of flowers, because “too much is not enough” is my philosophy for everything.   Available for weekends, long-term rentals, weddings, events or just a generally great time.

I was approached last spring by event planners to do a collaboration with them on weddings at my property. It seemed like a great idea at the time. Although we have had several battles on what I call the Toilet Wars and then the Cake Wars, we have settled down to some peace of mind for all concerned. We even survived a wedding last week where 220 guests were hit with a torrential rainstorm. The waiters were serving in soaking wet shirts under huge umbrellas. Remember the song, Singing in the Rain? Well, guests were singing and dancing in the rain. I was expecting CNN to show up any minute to give us one of their “ it’s my turn to get soaked broadcasts”.


This whole story is about how I met Christina, the award-winning pastry chef that lives in my same tiny town in Spain. She is incidentally married to the man at my gas station who has been pumping my gas for decades., No girls I do not self pump. Something’s I do myself, but pumping gas is not one of them.


So through the battle of Cake Wars, I find out that Cristina is here in my village, and will be doing all the wedding cakes for all our weddings. I immediately go to her shop and website and can not believe that this gem of an artist is 6 minutes from my home. I make a deal with her, for every wedding cake to please make me a mini one just for me. She was delighted and I signed the deal with a pair of shoes that she loved.    also take a peek at Christina´s site and you can see what a country wedding in Spain might look like.

You can imagine how thrilled I was, me on my 28th year of the Mediterranean Diet befriends super famous pastry chef artist. When Marie Antoinette said “ “let them eat cake” she was talking to my ancestors, but she forgot to say “ let them eat pizza and also pralines and cream from Hagen Daaz”.