Chapter 5
On a deserted island with only three things.

On A Deserted Island with Only 3 Things. We use to play this back in the 80s.

I mentioned this to my friend Andrea the other day and first thing she said was her Ipad and a charger; it was really funny as 30 years ago there was no concept of charging anything except maybe at Bloomingdales. And now instead of not leaving our house without “it” (American Express) the “it” has become our touch screen tablets. I have left my Amex card someplace safe until I can pay it off, which seems to be forever at this rate. I being a true romantic, never thought my Forever was going to be with Amex. It was all those points, that seduced me.

I went to Google and searched “3 things on a deserted Island,” and believe it or not there were a lot of listings. I think mostly men, as no one mentioned tweezers or a mirror. Even back then 30 years ago, some wise guy always said a boat / airplane. Very popular now is axes and flint and updated to the 21st century is guns. Seems Americans do not leave the house with out their weapons either, even for deserted islands. I still am going to put tweezers and a mirror on my list, and my favorite pair of shoes, Liz in Vinyl.

Style LIZ


They for sure will last forever and when I am rescued no matter, how many years later, I will still be in fashion. Diamonds never go out of style. Having real Swarvorski stones, I can Morse code my way out with a distress message with reflections in the clouds. I can also start a fire the way they do in the movies with the bling going into dry leaves. Very convenient for survival kits in general.

The tweezers would keep me busy, plucking , not only facial hair but I could pluck my entire body, and when I finish, I could start all over again. My dream of having platinum eyebrows would come true.

I would not want to kill anything and would make friends with all the animals, and cook for them like I do at home. I could do day care, while they go out and hunt.

I would finally loose the weight I wanted, as I would be eating really healthy, non processed food that the animals found for me and when discovered by The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, I would be in the best shape ever. The name of my island is Shangri- la and not in the mountains of Tibet but on the coast of the Mediterranean, very close to Ibiza. You actually get younger the longer you stay there. Dwayne would stay and become my personal trainer. We wouldn’t wear any clothes, just a lot of sunblock.