Chapter 9
How to look instantly tiny in all photos.

The Secret (Beverly Feldman’s Secret, not the book that sold zillions of copies) is very simple: stand next to a tall guy and wear ballerinas, preferably Beverly Feldmans. It is almost all I did for fall.  Today it really is all about comfort, but you know that: you are the smart educated consumer!

I felt fat my entire life; the problem was I wearing high heels, because somewhere along the way there was this urban legend that if you wear high heels you look thinner. In looking back the only girls who looked thinner were the thin ones. But it is a state of mind, so I felt great, also felt sexier, as I was conditioned if you wear high heels you are sexier. Similar to those poor Chinese girls who were taught that having ¨Lily Feet¨ were more desirable. Funny centuries apart, but both male concepts of controlling women thru their feet. First Bound, then Spiked.

Style EASY
Style EASY


I feel even better now, as I can walk forever and when I see photos, I look tiny. Satisfying after 55 years of dieting, which I finally gave up along with saccharine.




The photo above is with my friend Toni Espuch, the great interior designer of Spain. Genius. We met at the Marché aux Puces this weekend. I am in disguise, no makeup, no jewelry, just a little bling on my shoe. My favorite mocasins.

Terrified of being pick pocked I tried very hard to look low key. I think my shoes gave me away and my $40 benefit designer eyebrows…I had my cash in my bra, just what I needed more padding. I kept it there until the French TSA agent wanted to know what was inside…




I had lunch at my favorite restaurant Paul Bert, and even though I waited a half hour for the desert, I knew it was going to be worthwhile, as they had made a brand new Tart Tartin just for me. Oh La La. Great time to be diet free.

If you are not following me on Instagram, please do as like millions of other people I am discovering I am a latent photographer, and enjoying sharing my vision with total strangers. Way better than Facebook, and much easier than Pinterest. How long Instagram will be “IN” who knows, but while its here and uncommercialized, it’s a great way to get to places, meet people and have people know you, your taste, your products. Do you sell? Probably not any more than other social media, but just another nail in the coffin for magazines.




This is my favorite Instagram photo of the weekend. The beautiful French metro seat. Let me just say a few words on the Metro system. Once you figure out how to buy a ticket from the automatic machine with a roller bar that has no instructions, (I flunked last trip but got an A+ this weekend ), for 1.80 euros ($2.00) you can go anywhere in the city.

The trains are orderly, the lighted maps on the inside are easy to manage. The station announcements are so  clear, you could learn French from the speaker. Precisely repeating the name 3 times before stopping, like a French spelling bee. Most of the  white tiled stops are movie set sparkle. Many stations have plexi doors, so no one can fall onto the tracks. Every station has a LED clock telling you when the next two trains are arriving.There are no signs in English, but their system with numbers and colors  is so simple, even I can get around, a retired Blonde. I am not going to say anything bad about any other subway system, but read my Tom Ford lips.

And you can take a nap also if you like….