Chapter 8
The Last Empress of Shangri-La

Several centuries ago when I was The Residing Empress of the Hotel Shangri-La in HongKong and all 700 staff knew me as Madam Empress Feldman, one morning the Head Concierge whispered a secret to me: “We have a new florist!”

This was truly exciting news and as I looked around the lobby and adjoining halls, I did notice a change, a gorgeous one. “Psst, he continued, he is French!” We all know anything French is absolutely more chic, starting way back when I was 16 and first learned about a French Kiss. Funny no one in high school ever came up with a Jewish Kiss. Well if they kissed me, it was a Jewish Kiss, as I was the only Jew in the whole school…Probably why I became an Empress later in life.

So before I left the luxury of the Shangri-La in Central and went off to the industrial rat and mosquito infested center of Kowloon, I searched the lobby for the new French Florist. Hard to find at first, as he was as thin as a palm leaf. I was very American friendly, and he completely ignored me. But I did not give up. He was working on an arrangement that was about 10 feet high and really took my breath away. He had on red glasses and was bald and ever so thin. I invited him to diner since we were both staying in the hotel. He was cool, I was insistent. He ignored me. I called him that night and the night after and the night after, he kept saying no for diner, and finally I said well how about breakfast? I got him. He said yes. And we met for breakfast and 3 hours later we were stapled together for life. So I figure that there are some people that are just suppose to be in your life, and that is the story of Sebastien and I.


Beverly & Sebastien


Besides being dear, dear friends, and doing everything thing that great friends do for each other, I want to introduce you to him and show you all his wonderful, incredible, brilliant talent.

He is Haute-Couture Florale . I am showing you his new book as that is what friends do. If you love shoes, you love flowers also. It ‘s all Glamour, it’s all Too Much is Not Enough.


Take a look at his book!


“Flowers are the last stage of a plant. It’s the last thing they give to the world. Flowers only have few days to live. Sometimes few hours. My job is to enhance this ephemeral beauty.” _ Sébastien Lathuile