Chapter 6
Buy me!

I am on Sale for 70%.

I thought this would be a good month to sell myself, my house, my brand, everything I own. Pack up just one suitcase and walk away from the life that I have known. I pictured myself sitting on the suitcase surrounded with my 8 dogs, waiting for someone to pick us up. My favorite suitcase isn’t even a giant one; it is a metallic grey Rimova, so chic. I bought it in Hong Kong one day when I was bored and there was nothing else to buy. In Hong Kong, actually not a lot to buy since, most clothes stop at size 6, shoes and bags I make, jewelry I loose, and scarves, just disappear, usually on airplanes. I stopped loosing my scarves when Estelle, my therapist, told me stop taking them on trips, pretty good advise for $250 an hour.

I thought July would be the perfect month to go sale, as everything in the world is on sale. It starts slowly at 20% off, sometime in June, then picks up speed, to 30%, then 40%, then an extra 15%, and the great 50% off, last is the 70% off and then the FINAL SALE! Where do the things from the Final Sale go, that don’t sell?

Once I saw a gold ¾ leather coat in the men’s department of a very chic department store in HongKong and I said to my friend: who is ever going to buy that? Even the happiest of the happiest man in Asia wasn’t going to be wearing that, because it was Burberry and over $2000. We were laughing about the whole idea when she said: all the things that are not sold go to Africa, and from that day on I have envisioned some cool guy down there, with this gold Burberry. Luckily it was not fur lined.

I would sell myself at 70%. That’s 30% off and the 70% I would keep. Similar to the sale I am having this month, unless of course someone would like to pay more.

I would leave everything in the house except just a few very favourite things, my grey mink, my Carlo Zini jewelry, my Cartier watch and some of the jewelry given to me by past Bad Boy Boyfriends. War Memorials. Due to the fact, I finally accumulated so much self esteem over the years, I would get so much money for myself even at 70%, I would then go on the longest and biggest shopping spree wearing my favourite shopping shoes ZIP and buy everything new, at Century 21. Of course.


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