I think I have an obligation as a female designer that with my talent, knowledge and shoemaking ability, it is my responsibility to make all my shoes as beautiful and comfortable as possible.  The women’s shoe industry is controlled by men, and they love the idea of high heels. High heels have always been connected to sex appeal, and have nothing to do with how comfortable the actual women are.

In my mind, it is similar to the old tradition of Chinese foot binding. This concept was also created by men, they thought small feet were a turn on. Never mind that it crippled the women and caused a lifetime of pain. This privilege of having your feet wrapped as a child was only allowed to women of the upper classes.  They were constantly attended by servants, these peasant girls luckily were not allowed this brutality, as they had to be the servers.

They would have their feet bound and toes were broken as early as 5 years old.


“Crippled feet required one to walk in a certain mincing manner to avoid toppling over; as a result, it was believed, the inner thigh and pelvic muscles became unusually tight. Thus, more lurid thought processes went, the smaller the bound feet, the stronger the vaginal muscles would be during lovemaking. Ultimately, it was all about male sexual satisfaction.” 

JASON WORDIE  for Post Magazine.

That is my point today, High Heels are all about the male sexual satisfaction.

When I was growing up, I saw many women’s feet of the 1950s era, who had their feet totally deformed from wearing pointy and spike heels from their youth. Their big toes crossing over their smaller toes. Making an actual pointed foot. Not a pretty picture.  It made me think, why do we wear high heels in the beginning? It’s because we have been brainwashed into thinking this is sexy, also that we look thinner when we are taller.


I married in 1978. Immediately after I personally stopped wearing high heels and started wearing flats.  I have been designing flats ever since. In those days if you sold flat shoes, they had to be less expensive than a high heel. The perceived value of a flat shoe was supposed to be much less than a high heel, even if that high heel was a strippy sandal.  As I became more of an athlete in my later years, I walked constantly in the city, and always wore flats/sneakers.

I never ever wore sneakers to work and then changed. I made myself comfortable shoes to walk to work in.

Sirena, my absolute most comfortable and most sold style

These are just a few reasons why I decided to specialize in comfort shoes, really for my continued personal use. A big perk of my job.  By the way, my job is making women happy with beautiful comfortable shoes-


Why the standard comfort shoe is ugly is another whole blog, but it has something to do again with men in the industry thinking that women over 50, 60, and 70 should not have footwear that is visible!