Chapter 38 How Long Do You Keep Things



I am soon to be 71 years old, I have passed the trauma of turning 70, and now every birthday is no big deal until of course I get to the next decade, if I even get there. That big question is always hanging in our heads. When actually is the end? And how will it end?

My gorgeous Freelance snake boots. size 38 269€

My thought today is about keeping every single thing I ever bought till we say the Big Goodbye. I have been a compulsive, Olympic Gold Shopper, from the earliest of my daysI use to say that if I was left on a deserted island I would find a monkey with a shop and buy decorated coconuts, or start my own shop, making and selling grass skirts. Because as long as I have been shopping, I have been creating and selling, that goes way back to ten years old making crafts in the Blue Birds and selling them to my friends. I figured early on, if I made something and could not sell it, it had no true value, no matter how beautiful it was. I also think, shopping is very creative, and I am sure you do too.

Vintage Norma Kamali Leopard Lyrca Dress 550€

With a life time of shopping and selling, I am now left with half a mountain of stuff. Half because I have been selling it off over the years, but now I ask myself “How long am I supposed to keep the remaining mountain? Did you ever think you would love to have every single piece of clothing you ever bought since you were a teenager in one room on racks by years of purchase? Along with having every single man you ever slept with in the same room? Of course if we gather them up at the age they were now, I doubt if we could recognize them. But our favorite sweater from High School never aged and we would recognize it in a second.

Dominique Aurientis hair combs from the 80s    650€

I think the time is up, and I am having a massive purge. I have to find new homes for my vast family of accessories of vintage, not so vintage, collections of everything that I ever bought on every trip, that I decided I wanted to look Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese. Thai, French, Italian and Spanish. Clothing, Accessories, Chaztes, Boxes, Ceramics, Mugs, Plates, Silverware, Rugs, Fabrics, Funny Things, Stupid Things, Fake Flowers, Coca Cola bottles, Cds,Books,Makeup, Hair machines.  We have been co existing together in my home for so long, that there is a comfort factor like relatives you don’t see anymore, but you know you are related. Expensive designer outfits, from every decade, that were so expensive that I could buy an apartment, if I could cash them in. I already cashed in my obscene amount of jewelry when business got tough. I would of never bought it in the beginning if I had known the cash out price was so insignificant. There is more of an investment in a Chanel handbag than a diamond tennis bracelet. Besides I lost more than I had. It was always a new boyfriend requirement. I lost the bracelets and the boyfriends….

Vintage Beverly Feldman Python Clutch 450€

This month with the help of Instagram I am releasing everything! Posting 2 or 3 times a day. On Lipstickpoodle. It will probably take me a year, or maybe two to finish. But it such a great project. An inventory of my lifetime of inspiration for my shoes and handbags, always my main excuse. Instagram, an easy way to market, without the hassle of a website, webmaster, Shopify. SEO, Google ratings, just simple Instagram photos and the ability to figure out hashtags, which I have to admit took me years. But then again, it is never too late to learn. At the rate the world is going to today if you don’t learn, you will be standing somewhere and not even know what an algorithm is.


I have become part of this special group on Instagram of @Fashionover50, started by Wendy Parker, there is the magnificent 3, @StarchedLinen,  @DollyDuz  and @Clare Feldman whom all have such impeccable taste it is intimidating, but all wonderful kind souls. ( and buy my shoes) My gorgeous friend @Paolaxxx, and her stunning model mother @Nonnina , are also up there as my besties, @Passion_for _Pastels an amazing new artist, who got more followers in one month than anyone that I know.


We are all women over 50, 60 and in my case 70 who are still out there working, creating, and sharing our lives with others around the world. These are my new friends, women who I have never met.  I did meet PaolaXXX and her family in Madrid and it was magical. I would love to meet all of them, and it is one of my big dreams.

We share our lives simply with photos and thoughts. There is a stunning fantastic #greyhairdontcare group, that I am also part of.


I am posting just a few of Lipstickpoodle goodies, and I have been selling, which is wonderful because I want my treasures to find new homes, have new adventures, and make other women as happy as they have made me.