Chapter 27
Brand Ambassadorships.

Hey I love it! Free Stuff, and I get to talk to someone besides my dogs! I am now Brand Ambassador for two companies, Chloe Wigs and CarloZini Bijoux. I am offering my services to the following Companies: Ferrari, Cartier, Cristal Champagne, Tom Ford makeup and anything else he would like to throw in, and Dolce & Gabbana .

The video on FabTech steam hair straighteners is really funny, informative, and philosophical. Besides all of that it really works, as you will soon see. I would never be a spokesperson for any product that I did not believe in, unless of course they paid me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But the brand I believe in the most, and has lasted almost 50 years, is my own brand, Beverly Feldman . “Too much is not Enough.”