Chapter 24
Give a Woman the Right Pair of Shoes and She Can Conquer the World…

…or at least an Empire, the British one. I am talking about Theresa May the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. One of my great fans for a long time.



I always believed in real woman whether politicians, doctors, lawyers, teachers, or most important on the list, moms being my celebrities. Women that actually paid real money and bought my shoes. Unlike the Red Carpetters, who in many instances the manufacturers have to make deals with the stylists who are already on retainers with the celebrities, all for that one photo moment with your shoe, handbag, dress on someone who will never wear it again, ever. Supposedly this gives the designer validity. I get my validity every time I open my computer and see a PayPal invoice. Someone found me, had the trust to order and pay. That is my validity of my designing.



The updated version of the Theresas May´s favorite shoe.
Style CALIENTE Leopard
The updated version of the Theresas May´s favorite shoe.


Ok at my height of sales, with my own boutique on West 56st, NYC, I did have Oprah, and it was wonderful to say, along with Gayle King, and Wendy Williams. I never knew exactly who, where or when as I was always traveling but I know I have made over several million pairs of shoes in my long career.

And still making. And still selling to great women. So many have found me on my site and have mastered the art of ordering online, and I have mastered the art of surviving without staff, and pack the shoes you order, and write you those little notes. You have found me and I have found you, and we have become the best of friends, Violet, Irene, Andrea, Jeanne, Lillian, Cathy all my internet customers and dear, dear friends, and let me not forget Elisabeth B. the best ever!

The updated version of the Theresas May´s favorite shoe
Style CALIENTE Zebra
The updated version of the Theresas May´s favorite shoe.



Sometimes I send you the wrong size or the wrong color, but hey most of the time, I get it right. I call my delivery service and leave the package on my wall and Miguel picks it up, occasionally he has to drive thru a flock of goats, as it is very rural here. It’s not quite the Amazon experience, but Amazon does not carry Beverly Feldman. You are buying something very exclusive, very unique, Very Beverly!

This is really a thank you to Mrs. May and all the other women over the years, which have believed in my designs and me, and let me be “The Heroine of My Own Life”.

Too much is not Enough” but when you have chosen shoe designing for a career, 47 years is almost enough!