Beverly Feldman

Chapter 22
Be Hot &Sexy with Silver & Grey Hairstyles

B/60 Beauty after 60 is my journey into “golden years” of my life but I prefer to call them “silver” as that is the shade my hair is going naturally. After a lifetime of torturing and abusing my hair, I have set it free and am now not coloring it. Surprise, surprise, naturally it is the most beautiful color ever. The super plus factor is, combined with the Mediterranean diet, I have the healthiest hair in my life.

I recommend this to all my sisters of “ageless style”; you will not look older, just better. Check out Pinterest for the hippest grey hairstyles. Be Free, be Natural, but still dye your brows!

The Kraemer Salon in Alicante (Spain) is the salon to go to. A French organization that has crossed the borders, bringing all that Parisian chic with them. I have always loved the salons in Paris, so I could not be happier to have them here. Oh La La! Merci Beaucoup!

I hope you will enjoy my new video!