Chapter 2
Shoes Pay for Everything



This week for two pair of fabulous pairs of Glam Comfort shoes, Dazzle and Harley, I had my neck threaded. It is called “Silhouette Soft” here in Europe “ You are Young in 30 Minutes!” “The One Stitch Facelift” Ask Dr.Google and you get all the info, plus videos, plus comments. I only asked Dr.Google, after I had the procedure. If you are into cosmetic adjustments, I always say too much information is not a good thing.

I gave my beautiful doctor shoes, as when I saw her the week before, she was walking around in a pair of khaki Crocs. That was more than I could stand. Two days later, she called me and said she was looking for a volunteer, for a neck demonstration. My neck unfortunately, probably on my birthday, decided it was time to expire. One wonderful neck valid for only 68 years. So I said where do I sign? Of course I never ask questions prior to any procedures. I don’t know the questions to ask, and it is usually in foreign languages. So why bother? The questions always come after, like why do my feet looked like potatoes after I did a facelift in Paris?


I went for the appointment with full makeup, which was instantly taken off. I didn’t quite understand this, as if she was doing my neck why could I not keep my makeup on, especially since everyone was filming the demonstration. Eight doctors who looked more like college students, mostly girls, surrounded me. I had my eyes closed most of the time thinking, “Well girls this is your future”.

I do wonder what cosmetic procedures will be like in 40 years? Will surgery still exist? Probably not, maybe we just enter some kind of X-ray machine and instead of X-raying , they click and in two minutes your entire body is photoshopped into a new 3D image and you walk out highlighted, toned, and everything is perky.

The future holds permanent makeup. A trillion dollar industry vanishes. All those makeup tutorials on YouTube are now done with your face and computers, and the makeup artists become the new industry. Press, print and its all on you.

Back to my neck. No Pain. I love operations with No Pain, that always comes after, in the recuperation phase. I now know what she did, as I just watched it on YouTube.

When I finally opened up my eyes it looked great, I did not even notice the 6 nylon threads protruding out of my neck. A new kind of necklace, call Vogue. She cut those and taped up my neck with narrow surgical tape, telling me this was to keep the threads in place. Of course by the time I got home, they were becoming untaped. It was DIY time. First I tried a Band-Aid, then some scotch tape, but the following morning I just went for some clear packing tape and pulled and taped right to my ears. Which I realized if you don’t want to go through all the needle/thread stuff, clear packing tape does an excellent job. The effect is same but make sure nobody ships you anywhere…

So what does this all have to do with shoes? I wore my Red Pixies . I had to take my make off but I kept my shoes on. My shoes bring you to interesting places in your life. “Too Much Is not Enough.”