Chapter 1
Some History

“Today is the Best day of your Life” somebody recently told me, unfortunately I forgot who, but it is the thought that matters.

I was married 17 years, seemed a long time then, now that I have been released, it is like a drop in the shoebox.

Never wanting to get old, I admire my maturity now. A complete metamorphous of the crazed person that I lived with for so many years. A senior butterfly, coming into my third stage of beauty. Finally, more secure to be me.

I cut my hair and let it go natural. If a colorist tried to duplicate the gorgeous shades of grays that I have been covering up, it would be impossible. If we could just accept the natural process of life, but we can’t, so we support hundreds of industries in the pursuit of youth.

My attempt at maintaining my body was swimming every day in the summer. I had reached the end of Gym Rat Road and was swimming, not because I enjoyed it, but because I was obsessed to stay in shape and it’s an easy way to tan…topless. Besides I am a Pieces.

Actually, I cut my hair, because every summer it would fall out in handfuls. I mean scary bunches of hair. Enough to make enough wigs for a 1000 Barbie dolls. After trying to solve this with all kinds of doctors, vitamins, injections, and various damaged hair treatments (you have no idea how many there are),I asked Dr. Google. The mystery was finally discovered. I had swimmers hair. The combination of bleach and chlorine was breaking my hair every summer.

I cut off what hair I had left and stop coloring it. Freedom and new healthy hair arrived at the same time.

Every problem in life has a solution. You just have to figure it out, and that can also be a problem, but that is why we have Dr. Google.

Having grown new virgin hair, I also amazingly lost my hunger. It left my body completely. After dieting for 55 years, no hunger! I mean I was never ever on a diet that I did not think about food for 24 hours and was constantly hungry. Maybe you can relate to this?

I stopped weighing myself. I threw away the four years of calendar pages next to my scale. That for sure was liberating. The missing hunger was incredible, absolutely no desire to eat. Rather frightening in reality. Someone told me it was depression, but how could I be depressed with 18 years of antidepressants running through my system? Who knows? But I did take advantage of the situation and decided if I was going to force myself to eat, let it be Haagen Das.

The good news is that my entire wardrobe fits, even those clothes that I bought for those 10 pounds that I was always going to lose. The bad news is I can never make up my mind what to wear now.

My shoes always fit, no matter what I weigh. Hallelujah, probably the reason why the shoe business is doing so well and we all have so many shoes. I too love a pair of new shoes. Shoes make us happy. In my butterfly reincarnation, my shoes now all have to be comfortable. I think we give up high heels about the same time we give up tangas. Comfortable all day long is what I want, for all body parts. No pain, and nothing riding up my tush.

My most favorite shoe style this season is Dazzle.


I wish I had done 10 more colors, but I did it in natural vaqueta, which is the color that looks good on everyone. The buckle is spectacular, I designed it especially for this shoe. The medium high wedge is like walking on little mattresses, just so comfortable. What else can I say…buy it and take advantage of my Diary Discount of 30%. Just mention “DIARY” when purchasing.

P.S. The hunger came back, and with it the weight I lost, now it takes less time to get dressed, I can only wear my fat clothes.