Chapter 16
My Social Media Birthday.

It was 9 years ago in November that I celebrated my 60th birthday in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The event was a 3 day happening that took 6 months to plan. Don’t even ask how much it cost, but now with my scaled down life style I could live on that party money for a year. 60 friends came from around the world and this was truly a spectacular event. I designed the cake, the give away CD, the logoed fans, the music playlist, the menus for each day, etc, etc. I realized at that party, what makes a great party are the guests. This was a great group, and a great party. It was a Beverly Feldman party and too much was not enough.

The flowers were spectacular, done by my friend, Sébastien the French Floral Designer from Shanghai, and there were 10 live acts of entertainment. Dinner the first night was at the Four Seasons, the next evening the main super duper event was at my brothers lavish hotel/residence, HowiesHomeStay, one of the most luxurious resorts in Asia, the third night it was diner and dancing at the  Mandarin Oriental. To finish the weekend off the last day, we all rode elephants in the jungle. I had a special one that sang and danced Happy Birthday Beverly.

Nine years later, I am not talking to 90% of the people that came, including the host, my brother, who has been absolutely horrible to me. I have since rethought how I want to celebrate my birthdays.

Today in 2016, a lot of my new friends are on Facebook and Instagram. (Less maintenance and less expensive to celebrate with). I have fallen out of love with Pinterest, which is sad because when we first met, I could not get enough. But after more than 5000 pins, I guess I got enough. Back to my theory of how much does it take to get enough? 5000 pins was it for me. I never made any friends on Pinterest.

I am obsessed with Social Media, as I am sure a lot of people are, but not sure how many 69 year olds fall into that category? I wake up and check Instagram, then Facebook, then ABC news to see if the world is still around. Lately I am skipping ABC and CNN, as it seems the world is falling apart, at least here in Europe.

The whole value today in business is how many followers you have. It takes a lot of time and patience to get followers. All companies have social media managers, but that is a headband that I personally wear. It is a new creative outlet for me. I am loving photography and the world of hash tags. I didn’t even understand what a hash tag was a year ago, and now I just #love #accessories #muscles #travel #luxury #makeup #poodles and of course #shoes. It has brought the world to me and I do not even have to leave my house. It is just so interesting…Follow me and I will follow you, maybe?

I have also learned so much about makeup and eyebrows. Who knew eyebrows could take a half hour to do and if you did not have Anastatsia brow dip from Beverly Hills, you should not even sit down in front of a mirror.

But I found it in London, and had it shipped to Spain, and now I can go out everyday knowing that even though I live in a small village in Spain, I have perfect Beverly Hill’s brows.

I have made friends with all sorts of people on Social Media, but I am the friendly type. The level of creativity is astonishing and it is like being back at Pratt, competing with the best creatives in the country. Now it is the best creatives in the world.

I just wrote Alber Elbaz, how much I will miss him at Lanvin, and how horrible the new Lanvin fall 2016 is. I mean awful horrible. I love it when management thinks that the company does not need the designer, because in reality they do. Who is ever going to replace Galliano at Dior? No one. Elbaz at Lanvin ? Double no one.

Getting back to my birthday, I posted two photos, that it was my birthday and waited anxiously for the likes to come in. I happily surpassed the number I wanted by 20. On Facebook all my friends, many whom I don’t even know in person sent beautiful Facebook cards. It was like grammar school on Valentines Day, when we use to see who got the most cards. I did quite well. These were my new friends now, not the ones that I had invited to Thailand 9 years ago, who out of the 60 only maybe 5 remembered and sent greetings or called.



And what do you do on your 69th birthday? Eat of course, I had churros and hot white chocolate. At my favorite beach restaurant Valor. I am going to write a new diet book, as if you have that for breakfast, it is impossible to eat anything else for the entire day. “Churros” for those of you who do not live in Miami, California, or any Spanish speaking country are exactly like donuts but 12inches long. Deep fried, rolled in sugar- you dunk them, in chocolate.

I do not diet anymore. It is one of the benefits of turning 69.



I wore my Rock It sneakers in multi as I want to be super #dope for the whole year.