Unchain me to CNN

My Break Up From CNN I live in Europe. I do not have the Today Show and now that Mat has been banished, I guess I would not be watching it anyway.  No ABC, NBC, CBS, and Thank God, no Fox. I was never political and I realize as a merchant/designer I should keep my […]

Chapter 36 Say It With Flowers

  So everything is better with flowers, but of course, my first love are shoes with flowers. I have developed over my career some amazing leather flowers influenced by vintage shopping and lately by cake decorators on Pinterest. The above gorgeous cake is from http://www.caperucitacupcakes.com A perfect example is my new style Beauty. http://beverlyfeldmanshoes.com/theresa-may-shoes/blackred.html   My best […]

Chapter 32
My Three-Day Pedicure

I have been getting manicures and pedicures at my home with the same beautiful person for almost 30 years. When I first met her she was 17. Now she has been married, divorced and is a single mom, supporting herself with manicures at the homes of her clients. A true luxury, and one of the […]

Chapter 31
On turning 70!

It’s just a Wow Moment. Hard to believe for sure, but it is going to happen. And here is my update in the life of an obsessed shoe and handbag designer, turning 70. I feel my brain, that little girl inside your head, that talks constantly, never ages. It is just the outside shell that […]

Chapter 25
Before and After

Today, I’m taking you with me to my beauty session with Dr. Perera for a very special cocktail of hydroxyapatite calcina, tensor threads, botox and hyaluronic acid, with of course shoes or handbags from my current collections at www.beverlyfeldmanshoes.com. A painful but funny visit to a cosmetic dermatologist who gets paid in shoes. The hysterical side comments […]

Chapter 19
Bad boy make up.

I was writing and now will be videoblogging to Entertain you, Enlighten you and to Enhance both of our days a bit more. My life is a combination of a feminine woman trapped in a macho industry, in a foreign country, and the constant battles I have to win to survive. Also being totally obsessed […]

Chapter 6
Buy me!

I am on Sale for 70%. I thought this would be a good month to sell myself, my house, my brand, everything I own. Pack up just one suitcase and walk away from the life that I have known. I pictured myself sitting on the suitcase surrounded with my 8 dogs, waiting for someone to […]

Chapter 1
Some History

“Today is the Best day of your Life” somebody recently told me, unfortunately I forgot who, but it is the thought that matters. I was married 17 years, seemed a long time then, now that I have been released, it is like a drop in the shoebox. Never wanting to get old, I admire my […]